Natural Progression

Many other brokers view sale and acquisition as a sales and marketing activity - for which a premium is charged in addition to a percentage of proceeds. However here at Penrose business brokers we do things differently.

We view our role as not only acting as your agent (although we do so for professional buyers and sellers)but as your advisors helping prepare strategies for pre and post- sale, ensuring you find the right buyer complete the deal and then maximise the proceeds from a taxation point of view If you already have your strategy in place, we can fit in at any point to review and help transact the deal.

Over the years many of our clients have simply wished to get cash out of the business or deal with complex tax and inheritance issues, again this is an area in which we can offer valuable expert advice.

Management buy outs/buy ins have specific needs and we can offer confidential impartial help as needed and regularly conduct negotiations with banks/funders and we can act on behalf of either a seller or buyer in a professional capacity.

Our heritage and long standing reputation for quality and professionalism is not only a testament to the team at Penrose business brokers, but also to the approach we take in ensuring the right outcomes for our clients.

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