Intelligent Thinking

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of your business, not only the correct strategy needs to be in place but intelligent and creative thinking introduced throughout the entire process.

Penrose business brokers are a highly qualified, innovative team of people committed to helping you achieve success.

Our breadth of knowledge and relationship network enables you to have another "pair of eyes " over the process and we can often find new and improved possibilities with access to various funding methods and an enviable detailed understanding of contributing factors such as;

  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate finance
  • Due diligence and regulations
  • Tax planning and implications
  • Market forces and timings
  • Succession planning
  • How to access potential buyers
  • Negotiation and getting the deal "over the line"
  • Importance of regular and timely communications
  • Good access to senior advisors for clients throughout the entire process

Years of experience have helped Penrose business brokers develop and hone our skills and systems the benefit of our highly valued clients.

Please contact us to find out more about what we can bring to the table to help you achieve your goals.