Who We Are

The innovative team at Penrose Business Brokers have, for over 30 years, guided selected clients through major transformation, such as Mergers, Acquisitions, MBOs and taking businesses to market.

At Penrose business brokers, you will not find a sales pitch or a mass marketing machine. Instead you will find an experienced, dedicated team, led by qualified directors and senior lead advisors, with expertise in business broking, funding, corporate finance, Tax planning and Sales and Marketing.

This unique blend of skills and experiences, available all in one place, ensures that our clients can achieve successful outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Achieving the right balance for our clients, is the central ethos behind our guiding principles.

Each of our clients have individual needs which in turn demands a tailored and considered approach. To effectively support our clients, we at Penrose business brokers balance the desires of the seller, the buyer and the funders, which relies on our in house skills and experience in a broad range of fields rivalled by very few of our competitors.

Many years of experience has proven that achieving this balance, is the fundamental cornerstone to success.